• Featured Tournaments

    1. Signature Tournaments: Every weekend around the Bay Area (info | register)
    2. CalChess Super State Championship on March 14 and/or 15: 24 sections for all levels (info | register)
  • Want to Save Money?

    We offer two types of discounts to help you save money.
    1. BayAreaChess Membership offers 25% discount of all our tournaments.
    2. Multi tournament discount when you register for more than one tournament at the same time.
    Check out more information on discounts to see what makes sense for you.
  • New to Chess =
    After-School Programs or Clubs

    Are you new to chess? Learn chess basics in your after-school program or our beginner clubs...

    1. If you already have an after-school program, you can register & get information here. If you don't have an after-school program, you can Request New Program. See why that is a great idea.
    2. Regardless of whether you attend our after-school program, you can enroll in Weekend Chess Clubs to benefit from top-quality coaches. Choose from 4 locations and 5 times at South Bay and Peninsula. If you don't find a convenient location and time, please contact us.
  • Bridge to Tournaments =
    Rising Star Events

    Can you play through a game and checkmate? Cross the bridge chess basics in your after-school program or our beginner clubs...

    Let's get you ready for tournaments so you can put your skills into action at our Rising Star events.
    1. We simulate rated tournaments to prepare children for their first rated tournament.
    2. We also orient parents so they can understand the process. Rising Star events are scheduled 1-2 times every month.
    3. See Rising Star events to learn more.
    4. Meanwhile, you can "level up" in your Weekend Chess Club or After-school Program.
    If you don't have an after-school program, contact us to request one.
  • Play Rated Tournaments =
    Signature Events & Advanced Clubs

    Are you ready for rated tournaments? We can help you improve and win rated tournaments...

    We offer Swiss & Quads tournaments all over the Bay Area every weekend as well as Special events every few months. You play all games regardless of how many you win, draw, or lose (no knock-outs or eliminations). All these tournaments are authorized and rated by US Chess Federation rated. See below for more details.
  • Major Events =
    Advanced Tournaments, National/State/Regional Championships, & Chess Teams

    Is your rating over 1000? We suggest regular/adult tournaments and Championship section of National/State/Regional Championships...

    Our children are so good that they regularly beat adults in regular tournaments that so we renamed "adult" tournaments as "adult/regular" tournaments. We offer US Chess Federation authorized and rated 1-Day and 2 or 3-Day adult/regular events a few times every month as well as Special Events every few months. See below for more details.
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